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Three former tenants of a Citra man have been arrested in connection with his death following a house fire.
A first-term incumbent with a track record of making controversial comments faces a newcomer who used to dress up as a vampire who claims to be the true conservative in the Republican 3rd Congressional District primary.
Even though he signed it, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn wants the City Council to drop its droopy drawers ordinance.
Supporters of the Mothers Against Medical Errors patient safety advocacy group gathered Thursday at Shalom Park to raise awareness about ending medical mishaps, such as drug administration errors, misdiagnosis and missed or ignored symptoms.
The School District will wait to hire more art and music teachers for at least a week, despite a School Board directive to fully restore both programs in 2014-15.
With a muggy August ahead, almost all the waters at Wild Waters are wild again.
A local engineering and fabrication firm is the first company to receive a grant under a new program aimed at spurring job growth within the Ocala city limits.
A tree trimmer died Wednesday morning when he fell about 50 feet from a bucket as he was attempting to cut a piece of a tree.
Suzy Schmeltz guided her 6-year-old daughter by the hand into Pasteur’s Sports on State Road 200 on Wednesday to begin looking at school clothes.
Report: TJ Brown "sought out (the shooter) and physically attacked him. All of the evidence clearly supports a reasonable belief … that his life was in imminent danger."
When the Florida Agricultural Center and Horse Park officially got a second $2 million from the state this July, building new barns was the priority.
Joe Amodeo is a Mr. Fixit in a disposable world.
Bill Crowell has already fulfilled some of the items on his bucket list. He flew a biplane, soared in a glider and learned to play bagpipes. Still waiting to be crossed off the list are skydiving, an Alaskan cruise and a trip to Paris.
Detectives with the Ocala Police Department said Wednesday that three recent shootings within the city, one of which resulted in the death of a man, are connected.
Less than a week after a popular water fountain once again began spewing cascades of water into the air, sinkholes have swallowing all the pond at Woodland Villages.